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Nadarius' Vision: Issues


As a graduate of I.C. Norcom High and Virginia Union University, a historically Black University in Richmond, Nadarius knows the importance of a good education.

Nadarius knows that many teachers make up the deficit in adequate funding for their classrooms out of their own, under-paid pockets. He will continue to fight to raise teacher pay in Virginia to the national average and to provide sufficient funds for classrooms.

Nadarius also understands that college isn't for everyone and that especially in Hampton Roads, we need stronger investments in vocational programs and trade schools so everyone has access to a premier education and a chance at a decent livelihood. 

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Ever since the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe v. Wade, Virginia has been teetering dangerously close to the elimination of one of our Commonwealth's most fundamental rights: the right to choose.

Del. Clark has a 100% pro-choice voting record in the House of Delegates and furthermore supports enshrining the protections previously guaranteed under Roe v. Wade in a constitutional amendment ensuring women's rights cannot be taken away by far-right politicians.



In Suffolk, Franklin, and across the 84th district city-facilitated rezoning efforts have transformed residential areas into heavy industrial work zones.

When industrialization takes over the land in the back yards of our communities, these rezoning projects, which disproportionately impact Black and Brown neighborhoods, can harm the quality of our air and drinking water.

Nadarius is committed to standing up to protect the health and safety of our communities. Supporting commerce and industry is key, but to do so at the expense of the families who have been here for generations is reckless and shortsighted.

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Four of the top ten highest eviction cities in America are found in the Hampton Roads area. Nadarius believes we need statewide rent control and stronger  investments in public housing. Additionally, Nadarius supports expanding tenants’ rights to ensure no Virginian is taken advantage of by predatory landlords.

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As a mental health counselor servicing the entire Hampton Roads area, Nadarius understand that the mental health crisis in Virginia has gone unaddressed for far too long. And as the youngest members of the House of Delegates, Nadarius understands the pressure faced by our youth in today's social and political climate.

Nadarius is committed to fighting for more mental health resources in our schools and hospitals, in addition to better incentives to recruit and retain a strong mental health workforce in Virginia.

Nadarius also supports introducing legislation to study the impact of social media on mis/disinformation, violence, and cyberbullying amongst Virginia's youth.



Nadarius got his start in political organizing as an advocate for racial justice and he will continue to prioritize this issue in the House of Delegates. He will also fight for inclusive entrepreneurship, offering opportunities for people historically left out of government incentive programs, and education credits to open up opportunities for all Virginians. 

Nadarius supports financial reparations to the descendents of slaves and supports initiatives to utilize the emerging marijuana industry to invest wealth in communities decimated by the war on drugs. 

Across the south, 1,747 monuments celebrating the confederacy still stand in public view. Nadarius not only supports the removal of these statues, but their replacement with celebrated Black leaders and heroes of Virginia such as decorated war hero Sgt. William Harvey Carney and union spy Mary Richards Bowser.



Too many Black and Brown people are subject to a criminal legal system that is anything but just. Nadarius supports common sense, humane reform to our policing system. He also supports ending qualified immunity in Virginia and investing in alternative dispute resolution to all non violent and mental health related crises for the safety of our whole community.



Nadarius knows medical and health care is a fundamental right, and that it must be made available to every citizen. Too many Virginians are burdened with debt from a private insurance system that takes advantage of our most vulnerable. We should not have to make the choice between life saving care, and bankruptcy.

Delegate Clark will fight to reduce the statute of limitations on medical debt so that families in our Commonwealth that have struggled to pay the bills don't have to worry about getting sued on top of trying to get back on their feet.

Furthermore, it is a known fact that Black and Indigenous mothers are two to three times more likely to die in childbirth than white mothers. Black, Latino, and Indigenous Americans have suffered hospitalization and mortality rates at 2-4 times and 2-3 times that of white Americans, respectively. This is unacceptable. Nadarius will fight for health equity for all Virginians.



For Nadarius, the fight for climate justice is personal. As the youngest delegate in the general assembly in 2021, Nadarius is personally interested in the future of this planet. Nadarius has seen the disastrous impact of climate change and rising sea levels across Hampton Roads.

He opposes continued construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline and pledges never to take fossil fuel money. Nadarius also opposes the price gouging on Virginia's utilities, and will stand up to fossil fuel industry leaders who overcharge working families, then pocket their overages.



Safe working conditions, good pay, and strong benefits were at their peak in this country when the labor movement was at its strongest. Virginia is ready for the next great labor movement. Nadarius has learned from, and organized alongside, labor leaders from all over the country and he will continue this advocacy in the House of Delegates. In particular, Nadarius will fight to repeal Virginia’s disastrous Right to Work laws and join other states like Maryland in establishing a $15.00 an hour minimum wage.



Due to red lining, zoning, and other civil segregation measures across Hampton Roads, so much of Virginia’s economic struggle is connected to racial discrimination. Nadarius will fight to provide resources to areas most in need of economic investment, and ensure that these resources support the communities, not outside corporations as an avenue to gentrify our neighborhoods.

Additionally, Nadarius supports massive investments to repair and modernize the Tidewater’s infrastructure. In the face of a changing climate and rising sea levels, this would additionally spur new economic growth by creating thousands of good-paying jobs.

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