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June 9th, 2021

Portsmouth, VA: Today, Nadarius Clark, Democratic nominee in the 79th House of Delegates district, who unseated incumbent Delegate Steve Heretick in last night's June 8th primary, released the following statement regarding his nomination:

“As a community activist and organizer in Hampton Roads, I have always been committed to promoting positive change and moving toward a progressive future. When I made the decision to run for office, it was not only to be a part of the next generation of leadership, but it was also about inspiring change and changing the status quo."

"People like myself do not often get the opportunity to represent their communities and the 79th made that happen today. I’m honored to be a part of making history as the first African American nomination in the 79th House of Delegates, and being the youngest Delegate on the ballot in over 200 years — It is truly a remarkable feeling! Today, we decided the time is now to make a change and I am overjoyed to be that change."

"Tonight’s victory isn’t mine alone. Tonight’s victory is a victory for myself, for my campaign staff, and for the people of the 79th district. We are ready to take this fight to the General Assembly and prioritize the issues at the heart of our community. We will hold on to this feeling as it carries us to the polls in November."

Nadarius Clark went on discuss the strength and passion of his campaign team and attributed the victory to his grassroots field efforts. "Our campaign knocked over 20,000 doors, made 10,000 phone calls, and gave a voice to those who have been silenced, marginalized, or asked to wait their turn. We showed that a campaign led by a dedicated young team can overcome entrenched corporate interests. By rejecting the status quo, we demonstrated that character matters, that accessibility and accountability matter, and that our leaders should always put the interests of Virginians first."


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