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June 26th, 2021

Hampton, VA: On Saturday June 26th, Nadarius Clark, Democratic nominee for delegate in the 79th House of Delegates District, will speak at the Clemency rally for Ronald Davis, a Hampton Roads native who at 18 was convicted on charges related to a series of non-violent robberies in the 1990’s and sentenced to 80 years in prison. 

Ronald Davis is petitioning the Governor for a pardon after serving the last 20 years behind bars. Regarding the clemency rally, and the community’s call to garner public favor and raise media awareness to Mr. Davis’ request, Nadarius Clark submitted the following statement:

“Mandatory minimums and an unjust justice system have essentially given Mr. Davis a death sentence for crimes in his teenage years that stemmed from untreated mental illness and addiction. It’s an absolute tragedy and too many Black men and women are in Mr. Davis’ position with no way out.”

“Mr. Davis recognizes what he did was wrong, but there’s no reason to throw away a life like this. We are all worth more than our worst mistake. And we all deserve a second chance. I’m calling on the Governor to grant Mr. Ronald Davis time served.”

The rally will be held at the Fountain of Living Waters Church located at 1457 Todds Ln in Hampton, VA this Saturday at 1:00 PM. Nadarius Clark will speak alongside other community leaders including Jason Ingle, John Perkins, and Jabari Jones. 

Members of the press are encouraged to attend. 


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