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February 4th, 2022

Richmond, VA: Today, Nadarius Clark, Delegate in the 79th district of the House of Delegates, commented on HB 535, which would have mandated raises to public school teachers over the next 6 years in Virginia. HB 535 was killed in the Committee on Education by the Republican party earlier this week

HB 535 required that the Commonwealth of Virginia make strides towards bringing public school teacher compensation to a rate that is at or above the national average. The bill worked to pay teachers a competitive salary that would increase both attraction and retention for qualified teachers. Former Governor Ralph Northam included in his budget space for teacher raises, and current Governor Glenn Youngkin campaigned for teacher raises.

On February 1st, 2022 the Education K-12 Subcommittee laid HB 535 on the table, with a vote of 5 yeas and 3 nays. The five yeas were composed of Republicans, and the 3 nays were all Democrats. Delegate Clark made the following remarks regarding the vote.

“Teachers are constantly overlooked, overworked, and underpaid. By increasing the salary for teachers we invest in our children, our future, and our economy. In killing this bill, Republicans are putting Virginia’s future at stake and hurting the Commonwealth. Voters expect to compromise, honesty, and transparency from everyone in elected office. The actions of the Republican party violate this expectation.”

“Republicans of the committee who I met with who told me privately and publicly that they supported the bill voted to table this legislation without question. To support our educators in words only when we have the power to do so much more is a great dishonor. It's a dishonor to the people of my district and it's a dishonor to the educators, students, and communities of our Commonwealth who look to us for leadership.”

“The people expect more and deserve better.”

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