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November 2nd, 2021

Portsmouth, VA: Nadarius Clark, Democratic nominee for Delegate in HD-79 which covers parts of Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake, declared victory against his Republican opponent shortly before 11:00 PM tonight at his campaign's watch party at the Renaissance Hotel.

As the youngest Democrat elected in Virginia history, Nadarius Clark's victory in HD-79 sets a new prescedent for what voters look for in their elected officials. In his election night remarks, Nadarius spoke to the historic nature of his election to the house of delegates in the following statement:

"Changing the perception around who can and should be elected to public office was so much of why I decided to run and regardless of the outcome last night its an idea that transcends this election. A young Person of Color watching the news anywhere in America last night got to see someone who shares their experience fight for a seat at the table and win. Maybe they'll catch the fire too."

"I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who turned out to support me at the polls and to all our amazing staff and volunteers. Thank you to my family and friends who have supported me from the very beginning. And above all, thanks to God who has given me peace during the hardest days of this incredible year."

"In the coming days and weeks our team will be working to help the races that are still too close to call in any way we can. But like I said last night, "The election may be ending. We may not keep the majority. We may not keep the governorship. But now you have a fighter. And you know I will fight every day for each and every one of you."

To watch Nadarius' full remarks, click HERE.


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