April 12th, 2021

Portsmouth, VA: Today, after garnering the interest of progressive activists in and around the Hampton Roads area, Nadarius Clark, progressive primary challenger to incumbent Stephen Heretick in the 79th district, announced the hiring of several key senior staff members to help raise his campaign into serious competition in the final two months before the primary.

Among the hires are Sullivan Peterson-Quinn and Rachel Rothman, who are joining the campaign as Campaign Manager and Field Director, respectively. 

Peterson-Quinn brings experience as the Field Director for Lori Lightfoot’s historic campaign that elected the first Black woman mayor of Chicago and as a Regional Organizing Director for Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s campaign for President in Iowa last year. Rothman, the incoming Field Director for Clark, is a digital and relational organizing expert. As a Mobilization Director in the 2020 congressional midterms, Rothman led student organizer trainings and digital events throughout the early COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re thrilled to have them on board.” Clark said, “This campaign is inspiring folks from all over to fight for a progressive future in the 79th district and for all Virginians.” 

Nadarius Clark, 25, co-founded Generation Now Network at VUU in 2016, an organization committed to faith-based activism, advocacy, and education. He entered the race to bring the fresh perspective of a community organizer to Virginia’s political stage. “Our campaign’s message is speaking to the readiness of Virginians to adopt a bold new progressive agenda for the next session in Richmond. The momentum we’ve fought hard to earn has allowed us to grow our team, and we can’t wait to show the 79th district what’s next.”


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