January 7th, 2021

Portsmouth, VA: Following the Supreme Court's ratification of the new districts perusant to the 2020 census, Nadarius Clark, Delegate in House District 79 covering parts of Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Chesapeake, announced his intention to run in the new House District 94.

The new House District 94 includes the neighborhoods around Second Presbyterian Church in Norfolk, the neighborhood of Titustown, and much of Ocienview. Delegate Clark currently represents over 5,000 voters in the new 94th as it overlaps with the old 79th. When asked about his decision to run in the new 94th, Nadarius Clark said:

"Norfolk is the city of my birth and I have spent my entire life in the Hampton Roads area working to provide a better livlihood for my friends and family who also call this corner of the Commonwealth our home."

"I am excited to be running in the new 94th. The neighborhoods it shares with the district I currently represent in the 79th delivered the most decisive victories for us in our historic 2021 Democratic primary win. I am confident our message will resonate there again."

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve a diverse coalition of cities in the current 79th. Having heard from each of the cities I represent over the course of a year on the campaign trail, I know there are many issues we face in this region that transcend our city lines. Better opportunities for education, access to economic mobility, flood mitigation, and criminal justice reform. These are the things I ran on in 2021, the things I intend to fight for during the upcoming legislative session, and what I will endevor to bring to the residents of the new 94th."

To review the new House District 94, and all new districts recently ratificed by the Supreme Court, CLICK HERE.