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April 15th, 2021

Portsmouth, VA: Today, Nadarius Clark, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Delegate in the 79th district, announced that he had smashed initial fundraising estimates in the first quarter of the year.

Nadarius raised $35,000 between the first of the year and the beginning of April, and raised an additional $55,000 in contributions and pledges in the first half of April, bringing his campaign’s projected cash on hand to over $90,000. In contrast, Clark’s principal opponent Del. Steve Heretick, had less than $90,000 on hand to begin the quarter. 

The Nadarius Clark for Delegate campaign has garnered nearly 5 times more contributors in the first 3 months of the campaign than Del. Heretick received in all of 2020 (with 99 of Heretick’s 106 donations in 2020 coming from corporations and special interests). Source:

After voting against and undermining key Democratic legislation, Del. Heretick is facing his first competitive primary in six years, and Nadarius Clark will have the funding and grassroots support to defeat him. 

Nadarius is sharing his vision for Hampton Roads and his unique experience as a community organizer and progressive activist with voters. Noting his early success, Nadarius issued the following statement: 

“Democrats in the 79th and across Virginia are ready for a Delegate who will fight for progressive racial justice, and who will work to reverse the damaging effects of climate change we’ve seen in our community.” 

 “We are excited to have the resources to compete. I know that as more people around Hampton Roads hear our message, the more voters will support our campaign. The 79th district deserves real representation and I’m ready to deliver on that promise.”


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