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April 28th, 2021

Portsmouth, VA: Today, building on his momentum after outraising Del. Steve Heretick in the first quarter of the year, Nadarius Clark, the leading progressive in the 79th District Democratic primary, is announcing the endorsement of leaders in the community from various backgrounds, professions, and affiliations. The community leaders submitted this joint statement in support of Nadarius Clark:

“Nadarius has the integrity to lead, the passion to make real change, and the commitment to our community that we desperately need in Hampton Roads. We, the undersigned community leaders of Hampton Roads, are happy to support and eager to cast our ballot for Nadarius Clark in the June 8th primary. We hope every voter in this primary will consider doing the same.”

-Retired Chief Petty Officer Lisa Brown, United States Navy
-Laneisha Jenkins, Small business owner and non profit leader
-Bishop Samuel L. Carruth, Pastor for Holy Light Church of Deliverance
-Coach Van Edwards, Football coach for Woodrow Wilson H.S

Dr. Sandi Hutchinson, a faith leader and community activist in Hampton Roads, who is among the community members endorsing Nadarius today, released the following additional statement regarding her support:

“Our government is meant to be dynamic, not static. It is meant to constantly be moving and working for the greater good of all people. We must be governed by dynamic leaders who are motivated to constantly work to their highest potential toward the greater good of social, economic, and political equity. That’s why I support Nadarius.”

Retired Chief Petty Officer Lisa Brown, among the community leaders above, released the following additional statement regarding her support for Clark:

“Mr. Clark's genuine concern for the people of Hampton Roads, along with his hands on approach to make this world a better place, solidifies why he is the obvious choice in the June 8th primary. He has my unqualified support.”


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