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May 12th, 2021

Charlottesville, VA: Today, Clean Virginia, an independent advocacy organization working to fight corruption in Virginia politics and promote clean energy and community control over our energy policy, announced their endorsement for Nadarius Clark for Delegate in Virginia’s 79th district. 

Nadarius was one of only two house challengers chosen by Clean Virginia in their latest round of endorsements. To read Clean Virginia’s full press release on their endorsement rollout, click here:

Regarding this endorsement, Nadarius Clark released the following statement on his campaign’s growing momentum and his commitment to climate justice. 

“From the day I started this campaign I was committed to protect our environment for today’s Virginians and for the generations to come. As a member of the Commonwealth’s next generation of leaders, I feel the urgency and understand the responsibility of the fight against climate change. It’s an existential issue for all of us, and we can only win if we join together.”


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